5 Sets – three Acrylic Lenses

5 sets of three acrylic lenses for optics studies – concave, convex and trapezoid.

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5 sets of three high quality, acrylic lenses (total of 18 lenses) 

Trapezoid lens dimension : 75×40×15mm; Convex lens dimension : 60×20×15mm; Concave lens dimension 60x15x15mm

Explore geometric optics and properties of light with this set of 3 high quality acrylic lenses (concave, convex and trapezoidal). The bottom surface of each lens is frosted for easy viewing of how light bends, or refracts when it passes from air to another medium. Reflection and refraction come to light for you and your students.

For use with LASER Blox™ or LIGHT Blox.


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