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Dual Green and Red Laser Pointer (Switchable)

Dual Green and Red Laser Pointer (Switchable)

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*On backorder: ships by November 6th, 2023.

The best of both worlds - A switchable red and green laser pointer all in one!

The 650 nm red and 523 nm green each are rated as Class 3R (Class IIIA), which is <5 mW - the brightest you can legally own without special permissions. Our laser pointers are guaranteed to be FDA compliant because we test each batch for conformity to the rated power levels. 

This laser pointer has a silver barrel and comes in a secure foam case with batteries included. 

Laser Pointer Specs

Green Laser Specifications
Output Mode–Constant wave
Wavelength–532 nm
Batteries: 2xAAA (included)
Beam Dia. at Source–1 mm
Output Var–10% after 20 min.
Beam Divergence–1.2 mRad
Switch – Push Button
Operating Lifetime–2000hrs
Class – IIIa
Range 10,000ft

Red Laser Specifications
Wavelength–650 nm
Polarization–Linear (50:1)
Batteries: 2xAAA
Beam Dia. at Source–1 mm
Output Var–% after 20 min.
Beam Divergence 1.2 mRad
Operating Lifetime – 5000hrs
Class – IIIa
Range 4,000 ft

Custom Engraving Options

We can add custom engraving of your brand or name to any of our laser pointers with a minimum order of 50 pieces. Contact us here for more information.

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Laser Pointer FAQs

violet laser pointer power level 5mW classroom

What are "Super Safe" laser pointers?

Our Class II (<1 mW) laser pointers (our "Super Safe" line) are preferred by schools and teachers, especially when kids will be handling them. These are considered safe by the FDA as long as they are not pointed directly in the retina for prolonged periods of time.

Are 5 mW lasers safe for kids?

Class IIIA laser pointers (<5 mW rating) should normally be handled by adults. They can damage a person's retina if pointed directly at the eye for many seconds to minutes, but our natural "look away" reflex usually prevents any damage by keeping exposure short.

Which color is the best?

Green is the most visible, red is the safest around kids, and violet lets you experiment with fluorescent materials. They each have their use, so consider getting one of each!

Which is best for learning about lasers?

We recommend our LaserBlox, which are specially designed for classroom demonstrations and experiments. They won't roll, can be stuck on a white board, and can be stacked magnetically for ray experiments.

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Why buy from LaserClassroom?

A report issued by NIST (the National Institute of Standards and Technology) found that 90% of the green laser pointers on the market tested out of compliance with FDA Safety Regulations.

  • Every batch tested

    We test every batch of laser pointers to ensure total power output is compliant.

  • Infrared Filtered

    Green laser pointers can leak invisible infrared light. Ours are made with IR filters for extra protection.

  • FDA Compliant

    We follow FDA regulations closely and ensure our products are compliant so you can be sure you are, too.

  • Trusted by professionals

    We've been providing laser pointers to educators and researchers for over 10 years.

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