Acupuncture Laser Pointer



Acupuncture Laser Pointer

This 635nm, adjustable focus red laser pointer is the #1 red laser pointer of choice among chiropractors, acupuncturists and other healers for take home Low Level Laser Therapy. This adjustable Red Laser Pointer has power output of <5mW at 635nm. With both an adjustable focus beam and a constant on-off switch you have your hands free to adjust the diameter of the beam and dot by turning the aperture. This acupuncture laser has been used by hundreds of chiropractors and acupuncturists.

Wholesale Acupuncture Lasers for Practitioners

If you are a chiropractor, acupuncturist or other practitioner, please contact us for Acupuncture Laser wholesale prices and terms. For office or home use.

635nm Acupuncture Laser for LLLT

  • The same wavelength produced inside the cells of the body, so it it biologically compatible with the body
  • Stimulatory effect – increases ATP production inside the cell
  • Tonifying effect on acupuncture points

Features and Specifications of the Acupuncture Laser

  • Acupuncture Laser Power Output <5 mW
  • Acupuncture Laser Wavelength 635nm – Red
  • Adjustable Focus Red Laser Pointer
  • Has a constant On/Off switch at back of unit for hands free operation
  • Comes in Black Barrel only
  • Comes with snap plastic case
  • Polarization: Linear
  • Input Voltage V2 AAA (batteries included)
  • Input Current mAn/a
  • Laser Beam Diameter 1.10mm
  • Laser Beam Divergence 1.20 mRad
  • Dimensions 1.2X14.5cm
  • Laser Mode TEM00