Violet Laser Pointer



Violet Laser Pointer, 405nm

At 405nm, a violet laser pointer emits a pale purple beam that is very close to the ultraviolet range. While the beam is beautiful and reminiscent of a twilight glow or old fashioned ditto ink, the beam of the 405nm violet laser pointer is less visible than either red or green because it is so close to the Ultra Violet (UV) range. The violet beam is at the very far end of the visible spectrum for light so you won’t be doing ray studies with this violet laser pointer.

But just because a violet laser pointer is not as visible, it doesn’t mean it’s not as powerful! At 5mW (like our other standard laser pointers) the violet laser pointer has a shorter, more high energy wavelength beam which gives it an amazing super power – it is energetic enough to be perfect for teaching and demonstrating all about fluorescence, spectroscopy and microscopy. Truly a unique and enticing peice of science equipment for all kinds of light / matter science experiments and science demonstrations.

Here is our favorite fluorescence experiment for you to try!

Features and Specifications of the Violet Laser Pointer

  • 405nm wavelength violet laser pointer
  • Output power of <5mW
  • Continuous wave (not pulsed) output
  • Batteries 2 AAA
  • Class IIIa laser product
  • 90 day warranty