Stack of 3 Green Laser Blox – Ray Box

Laser Blox are the laser designed for teaching and learning. A sturdy, no roll design, hands free on-off switch and a line generating lens makes Laser Blox the most versatile classroom laser source there is. This three pack contains three 532nm Green Laser Blox to stick, stack or use separately.


Green Laser Ray Box

Build a Green Laser Ray Box with a set of three <5mW Green LASER Blox™. This set of lasers has more versatility, flexibility and visibility than any other Laser Ray Box! This versatile and economical combination allows you to magnetically stack the 3 LASER Blox™, so you and your students can construct a green laser ray box to easily study geometric ray optics. Shine 3 beams through various lenses and mediums to easily view and measure focal length and then separate them so each student can use a single LASER Blox™ for another activity.Three bright green LASER Blox™ allow for maximum visibility and versatility in teaching and learning about light, lasers and optics. Use each laser separately, either as a point source or with the line generator, or stack all three to create a fantasitically simple way to teach and learn about geometric optics with a ray box – mounted to the white board, you can easily conduct hands free laser demonstrations in front of the whole class!

Comes with a suction mount so you can stick the Green Laser Ray Box to the board in front of the room for Ray Optics Demonstrations. Also comes with a durable snap foam case, AAA Batteries and a line generating lens for each LASER Blox™.

Magnetic Lenses sold separately

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