Stack of 3 Green Laser Blox – Ray Box



Green Laser Ray Box

A set of three <5mW Green LASER Blox™ has more versatility, flexibility and visibility than any other Laser Ray Box! This versatile and economical combination allows you to magnetically stack the 3 LASER Blox™, so you and your students can construct a green laser ray box to easily study geometric ray optics. Shine 3 beams through various lenses and mediums to easily view and measure focal length and then separate them so each student can use a single LASER Blox™ for another activity.Three bright green LASER Blox™ allow for maximum visibility and versatility in teaching and learning about light, lasers and optics. Use each laser separately, either as a point source or with the line generator, or stack all three to create a fantasitically simple way to teach and learn about geometric optics with a ray box – mounted to the white board, you can easily conduct hands free laser demonstrations in front of the whole class!

Comes with a suction mount so you can stick the Green Laser Ray Box to the board in front of the room for Ray Optics Demonstrations. Also comes with a durable snap foam case, AAA Batteries and a line generating lens for each LASER Blox™.

Magnetic Lenses sold separately