Class 2 Red Laser Pointer



Class 2 Laser Pointer, <1mW Red Laser Pointer

Sometimes safety is of utmost concern and you need a super safe, Class 2 Laser Pointer for classroom use.

Well here it is a safe class 2 laser pointer for science classroom investigations exploring geometric optics. Use it to teach and learn about the science of light and optics: reflection, refraction, diffraction and more.

This laser pointer is durable and able to withstand lots of use by students and teachers alilke. It comes with a durable, snap shut plastic case for storage and comes with 2 AAA Batteries.

Learn more about how to stay safe when you use lasers in the classroom.  Read about general laser safety and the difference between red laser pointers and green laser pointers at our blog post: Are green laser pointers more dangerous than red laser pointers? 

Features and Specifications of the Class 2 Laser pointer, <1mW Red Laser pointer

  • Output power of a Class 2 Laser Pointer: <1mW
  • Class 2 Laser Pointer
  • Wavelength: 630nm-680nm (Red Laser Pointer)
  • Dimensions: 5 1/2″ X 3/8″ dia.
  • Batteries: 2 AAA
  • Reusable plastic case

Download Lessons and activities to go with your Class 2 Laser Pointer HERE