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Silicone Lens Mold for Gelatin Lenses (DIY)

Silicone Lens Mold for Gelatin Lenses (DIY)

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Silicone mold for making your own concave lens, convex lens and spherical lens out of Gelatin (or Agar) for light and optics experiments and science lessons. This durable silicone tray makes a perfect set of lenses with simple, plain gelatin – concave, convex and semi-spherical. Perform dozens of science experiments – including refraction, magnification, measure the index of refraction of the gelatin – you can even add sugar or coloring to explore even more properties of light with this fun and easy to use classroom set of 8 Gelatin Lens Molds. Loads of STEM fun with or without the gelatin optics science kit!

Comes with: 8 silicone lens molds and downloadable activities and an Engineering Unit!
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