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Elementary Light, Color and Shadow Kit

Elementary Light, Color and Shadow Kit

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Light, Color and Shadow Optics Kit – Elementary

Explore the fascinating science of light, color, and shadow with this simple and visually stunning light science experiment kit for kids ages 4-12.

A set of 3 bright LED’s – red, blue and green – are a safe and fun way to invite young kids to explore light, color and shadows. Mix the primary colors of light to explore the secondary colors of light – and shadows.

An easy to follow downloadable guide provides engaging science of light activities and light experiments that explore color and shadows!

Leave the caps on the lights to see how a line of light behaves. Take the caps off to mix colors or create a light show with shadows!

Single Light Color and Shadow Optics Kit Contains

1 set of three LED Light Blox
1 Protractor
1 Diffraction Grating
Shadow Stand
Downloadable Activity Guide
Classroom Light, Color and Shadow Optics Kit Contains

8 sets of three LED Light Blox
30 Protractors
30 Diffraction Grating
8 Shadow Stands
Downloadable Activity Guide
  • Batteries Included
  • Hours of lessons emailed after order
  • For Grades 3-12 - Aligns to NGSS Standard PS4.B
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Aligns to NGSS Standards

LightBlox enable safe hands-on learning with light and optics

Finally, hands-on color-mixing with light

The primary colors of light – red, green and blue - are not like the primary colors of pigments. When you mix all of the colors of paint, you get a mess – but when you mix the three primary colors of light, you get white light.

With the caps off, these classroom LEDs are perfect for creating the secondary colors of light (yellow, magenta and cyan) with additive color mixing. Or, mix all 3 for white light.

Perfect classroom tool for Reflection and Refraction

With the caps on, LightBlox double as a ray box! They project an easy-to-see beam in each of the primary colors of light (red, green, and blue), perfect for exploring how light bounces (reflects) and bends (refracts).

Students easily and intuitively uncover the law of reflection or measure the angle of refraction.

Explore, inquire and observe all the properties of light with one simple tool - no expensive equipment needed. Make the science of light and optics fun and accessible for students in grades 3-12!

Free lessons and activities included for mastering light

Light is a visually engaging and fun topic for kids and adults, but it can be abstract and difficult to teach also – so we’ve created dozens of labs, experiments, lessons and activities for mixing primary colors of light, reflection, refraction and more with LightBlox. Available for download in your order confirmation.

The Easy Way to Learn About Light


light blox LED primary colors mixing reflection classroom learning  kit


Explore how light bounces in reflection with mirrors and other shiny surfaces.

refraction and reflection diy educational lesson


Learn why lenses bend light to form images in eyes, microscopes and telescopes.

Color Mixing

Blend your own color combinations to make new colors of light!

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