Classroom Laser System designed for teaching and learning

LASER Blox: Flexible, Visible, Durable

LASERBlox are a classroom safe laser system designed for teaching and learning about light, lasersand optics

Laser Blox can be used separately, just like a laser pointer, but with a sturdy, "no roll" design and a press and stay on/off switch for hands free use.

Or, snap in a simple lens and the beam path becomes visible as it encounters mirrors and lenses ,and other boundaries.Stack and stick three Laser Blox together to create a Ray Box for even more flexibility and versatility.

Perform dozens of labs, lessons and activities around reflection,refraction, diffraction and interference. Calculate Snell's Law,the speed of light and more with Laser Blox!


LASER Blox come in 3, classroom safe, wavelengths (635nm/red, 532nm/green and 405nm/violet). Each comes with 2 AAA batteries, a line generating lens, and a durable snap foam case for storage.

Install 2 AAA batteries (included) in each unit by unscrewing the cap at the back of the unit.
For hands-free operation, turn Laser Blox ON by pressing the button at the back of the unit.Pressagain to turn off.
View the Beam Path
To switch from a point source to a visible beam for ray tracing,insert the clear lens into the front of the unit as shown.