Tech Light Lab Activity Guide

This booklet of 10 hands-on elementary STEM lessons is the foundation for a comprehensive unit on Light and Optics. From reflection and refraction to a model for how we see and an introduction to color, these activities are scaffolded to leave your students ready to take on the next level.

Grade Range: 1 to 8

Duration: 10 hours of activities


  • Tech Light Lab
  • 3 Light Blox (red, green, blue)
  • 2 Mirrors with mirror supports
  • 1 Diffraction grating
  • 3 Acrylic lenses (concave, convex and trapezoid)
  • A protractor

NGSS Connections

1-PS4 – Waves and their applications in technologies for information transfer

  • make observations to construct an evidence based account that objects can be seen in darkness only when illuminated
  • plan and conduct investigations to determine the effect of placing objects made with various materials in the path of a beam of light.

4-PS4 – Waves and their applications in technologies for information transfer

  • develop a model to describe that light reflecting from objects and entering the eyes allows objects to be seen
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