Pepper’s Ghost Projector for Tablet



Pepper’s Ghost Projector –

Now you can project and view Pepper’s Ghost on your Tablet with the PepperGram Projector! In this case, bigger is definitely better!

This simple little device is way cooler than it has any right to be. An inverted pyramid made of light, thin, clear plastic creates a fantastic illusion that allows you to create what LOOKS LIKE a hologram with nothing but ANY tablet  and some videos from You Tube. Just search 4 face pyramid holographic video for lots of cool video images.

Download two activities using the Pepper’s Ghost Projector

What is a Pepper’s Ghost and how does it work?

While the illusion really looks a lot like a hologram, a pepper’s ghost is not a hologram!

The Pepper’s Ghost created by the PepperGram Projector is modern day variation of a theater trick that was invented back in 1862 by John Pepper. It is still used today in haunted houses like the one at Disney Land!

Pepper’s ghosts are created by the reflection created with a sheet of material that is both semi transparent and semi reflective in nature; usually either glass or plexiglass.

Originally, a piece of glass was placed on stage at a 45 degree angle to the audience, above the orchestra pit. Actors down in the pit were brightly lit so that their reflections appeared as “pepper’s ghosts” on stage.

Think about standing in a brightly lit room and looking out a window into the dark. The semi transparent/semi reflective nature of the window makes it appear as though the ghost of you is wandering around outside.

I works because of the nature of light and reflection – if an object is very brightly lit (like you in the bright kitchen, or the actors in the orchestra pit), and its dark on the other side of the glass (or plastic), then you see an image much like you see in a mirror.  Because the image is a reflection, it appears to be coming from BEHIND the glass. Also because it is a reflection, it appears 3 dimensional; meaning that if you move your head or eyes, you see another angle and it looks very “real”, if dim.

The  Pepper’s Ghost projector works because by darkening the room and using a bright 3D video, the 4 sided pyramid made of semi-reflective, semi-transparent material produces several such images so you can view a realistic image at all 360 degrees around. Its super nifty and easy!