The Case for Photonics Outreach

Here at Laser Classroom, we know the value and impact of reaching out to young scientists early to share the excitement and possibilities of light, lasers and optics – also known as Photonics. So it is wonderful when industry steps up and in to share the light.

This article written by  at the SPIE publication makes a great case for photonics outreach as one of the most valuable mechanisms for achieving the International Year of Light goal of promoting the role of light and light based technologies in solving problems and revolutionizing fields as diverse as medicine, defense, communications and clean energy. In addition to raising awareness, photonics outreach has the potential to influence young people’s choices and perhaps even contribute to filling the skills gap in the photonics industry.

Reaching out in the International Year of Light

02 Mar 2015

Engagement with schoolchildren also seen as opportunity to plug the skills gap facing the photonics industry. 

by Andrew Williams

As the UN-backed International Year of Light (IYL) moves on from two months of launch events, organizations around the world plan to undertake a wide range of educational and outreach activities to raise awareness of the importance of light and light based technologies in every day life.

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