Violet Laser Blox


Violet Laser Blox, 405nm

Designed specifically for teaching and learning about the science of light, a violet LASER Blox™ is an exciting addition to any science, chemistry or STEM class. Unlike a 405nm violet laser pointer, a 405nm, <5mW violet Laser Blox is stackable, magnetic and hands free. This is THE laser for classroom light and optics demonstrations and light experiments.

405nm approaches the ultra violet range of the electromagnetic spectrum and is less visible than red or green LASER Blox™. A 405nm, <5mW Violet LASER Blox™ is, however, perfect for exploring the properties of wavelengths close to the ultra violet range, including fluorescence; shine it thru a bottle of tonic water and watch the quinine glow!

Comes with a durable snap foam case, AAA batteries and a line generating lens.