Tech Light Lab Optics Kit Classroom Pack



Introduce the essentials of the science of light to the whole classroom with the Light Blox  Optics Kit to your entire group of 25-30 students with durable, affordable lights and lenses. Perfect for hands-on activities and demonstrations of the science of light: reflection, refraction and additive and subtractive color mixing with light!

This is the classroom sized pack of our most popular optics kit for teaching and learning about light was featured by UNESCO for the International Year of Light 2015! Perfect for studying and experimenting with the science of light grades K-8!
Tech Light Lab Optics Kit Classroom Pack is a fun and easy way to teach and learn about the science of light. Use it to share the light with school groups, after school programs, science fairs and more!
Recommended for ages 8+
The Tech Light Lab Optics Kit Classroom Pack contains:
  • 8 sets of 3 high tech LED light sources (AA Batteries included) – Red, Green and Blue
  • 8 sets of 3 frosted lenses – concave, convex and trapezoid
  • 30 diffraction gratings – 500 lines/mm
  • 16 acrylic “unbreakable” mirrors with stands
  • 30 protractors
  • Download the Curriculum Guide with 10+ light Experiments, light lessons and light demonstrations!