Super Safe Green LASER Blox



Just like our standard Green LASER Blox, the Super Safe Green LASER Blox was designed specifically for teaching and learning. The Super Safe version has the lowest visible power output for maximum safety and is perfect for use with younger children or where you have extra safety concerns. The Super Safe Green LASER Blox are an exciting addition to any science, physics or STEM class. Stackable, magnetic and hands free, this is THE laser for classroom demonstrations and activiites. With a brilliant green diode laser at 532nm and <1mW of output power, this is the most visible, classroom safe laser available. Make the properties of light and lasers visible! Mix, match, stack and stick LASER Blox™!

Why be frustrated with a laser pointer when you can have Laser Blox. Eliminate the frustration of using laser pointers to teach about light and optics – get laser blox today!