Mirrorkal Escher



Mirrorkal Escher Optical Illusion Puzzle

Optical illusion and Art meet puzzles and science! Unravel the logic of this brain twisting puzzle by understanding how reflection works. 9 cubes, 5 Escher designs and hours of fun. Each cube contains both images and a mirror at 45 degrees. Reflect the right piece of the puzzle to complete the picture.

How to play:

You have nine blocks, each with four pictures covering all faces except for two, which are left blank or transparent. These two faces that are adjacent to each other, have a strategically placed mirror parallel to their common edge. When correctly placed in the frame, the mirrors will reflect each of the nine picture fragments and compose a whole image.

To start, remove all blocks from the (picture) frame. Create one of five Escher drawings by placing the blocks back in the frame. Choose carefully: It is more challenging than you think to create one single image, because each block has internal mirror reflecting one piece of the image, and all together should create a perfect Escher image.

Each block is roughly 3cm in length (1.18″), so including the sides of the frame, the entire puzzle measures about 13cm (5.12″) in length. Since all nine cubes don’t have the necessary picture fragments due to the use of the mirrors, you can find the remaining ones inside the walls of the frame. These wall fragments are very useful to know the picture orientation and actually help you to plan where to place each block. A nice design feature found in the frame is that there are nine holes in the actual place where each block goes, allowing you to easily remove any incorrectly placed one.

The logic you have to follow is to know exactly how each picture fragment will look after being reflected. If you look closely at a fragment on a block and its counterpart on the puzzle’s leaflet, you’ll see that the one in the block is actually mirrored. When you use the mirror to reflect the image, it’ll show it with the correct orientation.

Instructions included

Ages 7+