Green Laser Pointer – Line



Green Laser Pointer – Line

This is no ordinary Green Laser Pointer… It can project a visible line, or beam that is visible on the table! This is what you want if you are going to be exploring angles of reflection and refraction or any other properties of geometrical optics.

This is a standard green laser pointer that can generate either a dot or a line for easy viewing of the beam as it passes from one medium to another (refraction) or as it bounces off the surface of a mirror (reflection). Reduce frustration and see the beam without fog, mist or chalk dust. No mess, no fuss, just a visible beam.

The Line Laser Pointer is the perfect green laser pointer for classroom ray tracing and teaching and learning about geometric optics.

Simply screw on the line generating end cap – made of a durable acrylic cylindrical lens to produce a bright green, highly visible line for teaching and learning about light, lasers and optics. Conduct science of light experiments and science of light demonstrations.

Green Laser Pointer Specifications

  • Line Green Laser pointer Power output <5mW
  • Produces either a dot or a visible line
  • Green Laser Pointer Safety Class: 3a
  • Laser PointerOutput Mode – Constant wave
  • Green Laser Pointer Wavelength – 532 nm
  • Line Laser Pointer Range: 10,000 ft in darkness
  • Batteries: 2 x AAA (included)
  • Beam Dia. at Source – 1.1 mm
  • Output Variance – 10% after 20 min.
  • Body Color – Silver or Black
  • Beam Divergence – 1.2 mRad
  • Switch – Push Button
  • Operating Lifetime – 2000 hours
  • This Green Laser Pointer an be used for sky pointing, projection on low clouds, signaling, highlighting potential explosives
  • Available in either black or silver barrel color
  • Comes with a durable snap foam case
  • 90-day warranty