White Board Optics Demonstration Set


White Board Optics Demonstration Set

Update your old blackboard optics set with this convenient and affordable set of Laser Blox – which can be stacked to create a laser ray box – and lenses from LASER Classroom. Everything you need for powerful light and geometric optics demonstrations – This Light Science Kit includes a set of 3 <5mW Green LASER Blox with line generating lenses, a suction mount for securing LASER Blox to any whiteboard and a set of 6 large, magnetic demonstration lenses. Green LASER Blox are held securely to the whiteboard by easy release suction cup mount to produce three highly visible parallel rays. Along with a set of 6 oversized, magnetic lenses, you can explore and demonstrate all the fundamentals of geometric optics with ease.

Stack Green Laser Blox to make a Laser Ray Box

This kit comes with a set of three Green Laser Blox which can be used separately or stacked to create a laser ray box that emits three powerful, highly visible 532nm beams. Insert the line generating lens and you don’t need any chalk or fog to view the beam path as the ray box projects three parallel green beams through concave, convex and other oversized magnetic lenses.

White Board Optics Demonstration Kit Includes