Laser Blox Red 3 Pack

Laser Blox are the laser designed for teaching and learning. A sturdy, no roll design, hands free on-off switch and a line generating lens makes Laser Blox the most versatile classroom laser source there is. This stack of three red Laser Blox is a ray box as well as three separate laser sources!


A set of three 635nm, <5mW Red LASER Blox™ has more versatility and flexabiltiy than three red laser pointers could ever hope to.   This versatile and economical combination allows you to stack three red LASER Blox™ magnetically so you and your students can construct a ray box to easily study ray optics. Shine 3 beams through various lenses and mediums to easily view and measure focal length and then separate them so each student can use a single LASER Blox™ for another activity. Insert the line generator to see the beam on the viewing surface – remove it for a point source.
Comes with durable foam case, AAA batteries and a line generating lens for all three units.

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