Laser Blox Multi 3 Pack

Laser Blox are the laser designed for teaching and learning. A sturdy, no roll design, hands free on-off switch and a line generating lens makes Laser Blox the most versatile classroom laser source there is. This three pack contains one each: 405nm violet, 532nm green and 635nm red to stick, stack or use separately.


Laser Blox Multi 3 Pack Optics Kit

A Multi 3 Pack of LASER Blox™ optics kit offers the ultimate flexibility for teaching and learning about optics and the fascinating science of light, laser and optics. With a red 635nm, green 532nm and violet 405nm LASER Blox™ (ALL <5mW power output), you have everything you need to demonstrate and study reflection, refraction, diffraction, and advanced geometric optics. Stack them to create a ray box, stick them to a white board with the included mount or use them as separate units. Generate a visible line with the included line generating lens or use as a point source. A must for every high school and college physics lab or lecture demonstration department.

Comes with a durable snap foam case, AAA Batteries and a line generating lens for each LASER Blox™.

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