Educational HeNe Lab Laser – with Modulation



Helium Neon Laser for Classroom Use, Class II, with Modulation Capability

Part# IF HN08M

One of the most trusted lasers used in middle and high schools in the United States. Designed for education, and featuring a bright blue transparent enclosure, their attractive looks invite students to participate and explore in optical and laser technology while seeing the laser’s internal “working” components. With a complete set of features and long warranty, it is a product that is hard to surpass.

The IF HN08M is a unique and very versatile laser created for teaching and learning about lasers and optics.

A HeNe Laser is ideal for optics investigations, experiments and labs, including those measuring/demonstrating diffraction/interference effects. This HeNe Laser also has modulation capability, allowing it to also be used to demonstrate data (voice) transmission over a laser beam!

All Laser Classroom lasers were designed specifically for educational purposes. This is not an engineering product or design. From the initial concept everything about the attractive, safe design was to interest students in technology. It includes safety features such as 110 VAC to low voltage power adapters, tamper-resistant screws, impact resistant acrylic enclosure, easily locatable bright red laser shutter, bright and very durable nickel-plated laser aperture, industry standard electrical connections and tripod mount.

Download the Full Color Operators Manual

Laser Polarization Random
Laser Color Red
Laser Mode TEM00
Input Voltage 12-18V
Input Current 650mA
Laser Wavelength 632.8nm
Laser Output Power, Nominal 0.8mW
Laser Output Power min/max 0.6mW-1.0mW
Laser Beam Diameter 0.47mm
Laser Beam Divergence 1.0mRad
Laser Digital Modulation N/A
Laser Analog Modulation 600Hz – 20,000MHz
Laser Operating Temperature 0-40 ° C


Features and Benefits
Hard seal laser tube for a long and dependable life
 All solid state electronic design
 Fool proof mechanical beam stop
Bright Laser Pilot Light
 Impact resistant, two tone, see through blue acrylic case
Threaded mounts for holding lenses, diffraction gratings and filters
 Tripod mount 1/4-20 thread
 Rubber feet for no slip protection on slick lab surfaces
 Full-color operator’s manual with safety information and common experiments
 Labeling and safety requirements compliant with U.S. CDHR regulations
 110 VAC operation; 220 VAC upon request
 Tamper-resistant screws for safety