Educational HeNe Lab Laser – Continuous Wave



Helium Neon Laser for classroom use; Class II, Unmodulated Continuous Wave

This is one of the most popular educational HeNe laser used in middle and high schools in the United States. Designed for teaching and learning, and featuring a bright blue transparent enclosure, it invites students to participate and explore in optical and laser technology while seeing the laser’s internal “working” components. With a complete set of features and long warranty, it is a product that is hard to surpass.

A HeNe laser is most suitable for most optical and laser experiments, including those measuring/demonstrating diffraction/interference effects. 

This HeNe Laser is classroom safe at .08mW of bright red collimated laser laser light at 632.8nm. It includes safety features such as 110 VAC to low voltage power adapters, tamper-resistant screws, impact resistant acrylic enclosure, easily locatable bright red laser shutter, bright and very durable nickel-plated laser aperture, industry standard electrical connections and tripod mount.

This laser was designed for teaching and learning and use in educational settings at the grade 9-14 level. This is not a precision engineering product.

Download the full color Operators Manual

CDRH Classification   Class II
Polarization   Random
Laser Color   Red
Laser Mode   TEM00
Input Voltage   V12-18
Input Current   mA650
Wavelength   632.8nm
Optical Output Power   0.8mW
Beam Diameter   0.47mm
Beam Divergence 1.00 mRad