Diode Educational Lab Laser, Class II



Diode Laser for Classroom Use; Class II, Red

Designed for both optical communications demonstrations and experiments as well as general optics.

Industrial Fiber Optics was the first company to recognize the benefits, and develop a product line, of diode lasers for educational use. Today, we offer five models of lab-sized (semiconductor) diode lasers and one miniature model with rechargeable batteries. Our diode lasers are unequaled to others by their many features such as high quality optics, well collimated laser beam, solid state electronics, great packaging, excellent operators manual and long warranty.

Our RL diode laser series are ideal for conducting voice and audio optical transmission experiments as well as many common laser and optical experiments. (We do not recommend diode lasers for high quality interferometric experimentation or holography.) We offer a Class II and Class IIIa power level, both of which have highly visible 635 nm red, collimated laser beams.

The IF RL08 635 is a laser with a CDRH Class II power level. Electrical connections for the analog and digital inputs are industry-standard, durable banana jacks and 3.5 mm audio jack for audio/ microphone inputs. This laser features an externally-adjustable, internal electronic amplifier with a variable gain from 1 to 50 making it suitable for low-voltage microphone outputs and higher amplitude signals from AM/FM radios and CD players.

Laser includes 110 VAC to 14 VDC power adapter.

Download the  full-color operator’s manual