Acrylic Index of Refraction Block


Acrylic Index of Refraction Block

Use the Acrylic Index of Refraction Block to measure and demonstrate refraction, total internal reflection, the index of refraction and more!

Clearly observe and measure how light bends as it passes from one medium to another – for example, from air (low refractive index) into an acrylic block (higher refractive index).

The specially formulated plastic highlights and makes light beams easy to see as they bend and pass through. This is an inexpensive and dramatic way to visualize refractive indices, plus, this block can be used for critical angle reflection demonstrations. Can be used with any laser, light ray box or laser pointer.

Specifications of the Acrylic Index of Refraction Block

Dimensions of Acrylic Index of Refraction Block: Rectangular shape measuring 11.5cm X 6.5cm X 2.0cm, Acrylic

Refractive Index:1.48 – 1.5

Transmission of white light: 98%

Haze: very clear at just 1% – 3%

Polished Edges