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Hands-on science kits, equipment and curriculum around light, lasers and optics for grades K-12

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Elementary Light and Optics

Easy to implement curriculum guides and hands-on components bring the wonder of light, color and optics alive for you and your students

K-6 Light & Optics Kits
K-6 Optics Lessons

Make Light and Optics approachable

Light and Optics are as complex and perplexing as they are fascinating and fun. Our optics kits and curriculum make teaching and learning Light and Optics at the Elementary Level easy and approachable. Durable, reuseable light and optics equipment and step by step curriculum make even the most abstract concepts accessible and meaningful for young scientists.

Middle School Light & Optics

Engaging activities with durable equipment capture students' imagination and prepare them for the rigor of STEM
6-9 Light & Optics Kits
6-9 Light & OPtics Lessons

Bring Light & Optics into focus

At the middle school level, students need engaging challenges that are relevant to their lives and experience. Hands-on optics equipment and inquiry based activities capture students' imagination so that they ask questions and are motivated to find their own answers.

High School Light & Optics

Powerful optics equipment and hands-on labs prepare high school students to participate in, and contribute to the future of technology

10-12 Light & Optics Kits
9-12 Optics Labs & Lessons 
Prepare to be a STEM professional
From healthcare to communications to clean energy, more fields than ever are enabled by the STEM of light and optics. Our line of lasers, fiber optics kits and more, prepare high school students to learn the high level STEM skills and practices they need to participate in 21st century fields of technology.

Fun and Gifts for Teachers!
Light is where science and art meet!

Explore our line of unique fun and gifts grounded in the art and science of optics, color and design!

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