The Future of Photonics Is Bright!

LC-logoWhy photonics? Why did we at LASER Classroom™ choose to answer the call for integrated STEM education through light, lasers, photonics, and optics?  Because the field is burgeoning, naturally integrated, and—in spite of its literally bright future—largely hidden.

Every day, the science and technology of photonics touches almost every aspect of our lives.  From flat-screen technology to non-invasive methods of measuring blood-sugar levels, photonics is behind cutting-edge advances in nearly every field imaginable.   This has created a dynamic and quickly growing field that demands more professionals than are currently trained each year.  From technicians to engineers to sales personnel, the opportunities for students are many and varied—and growing.

In addition to its many applications, photonics is the perfect field for STEM education because it inherently involves every STEM subject: multiple science disciplines, technology, the engineering process, and math skills.  Because it naturally integrates these subjects, it offers a practical and relevant context for teaching and learning.

Finally, while some of our most beloved products are made possible by photonics and optics, they are not household words or commonly understood terms—yet! Because of the field’s depth and breadth, as well as its capacity to generate solutions and jobs, we at LASER Classroom™ believe that the science of light, lasers, photonics, and optics is an essential part of a 21st century education, and it deserves to be brought to light. What do you think?