Light Blox

Project Description

Light Blox are a set of three educational LED’s : Green, Blue and Red.  Light Blox are specially designed for hands-on exploration of the science of light and color. Light Blox are the only set of lights you need for hands-0n science experiments and demonstrations.

Quick, easy and powerful! Explore all the basics of light and color with a set of three LED Light Blox – Green, Blue and Red. STEM comes to light as you explore reflection, refraction and light color mixing with Light Blox.

A removable slit cap allows students to project either a bright line or a solid block of bright red, green or blue LED light. Light science demonstrations and light science experiments for the entire class with  Light Blox that magnetically attach to the board at the front of the room.


Comes With

Three LED Light Blox: Red, Green and Blue. Includes batteries (AA)

Project Details

  • Date December 12, 2016
  • Tags Elementary, Middle School, Outreach, Science Kits
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