Powerful Partnerships Expand Laser Classroom’s Reach

As much fun as it is to create new equipment, kits and lessons for Laser Classroom, the real reason I get up in the morning is to inspire budding scientists with light, lasers and optics. And as a small business owner, the best way to do that has been to partner with others who get up in the morning for the very same reason.

Partnering with International Societies

SPIE, OSA and IEEE Photonics are three international non-profit societies whose members are professionals, engineers and scientists in the field of light, lasers and optics. They are each invested in cultivating the next generation of scientists and we have found some really exciting ways to work together to make this happen!


Graduate Student Outreach – OSA and SPIE

Both SPIE and OSA have student chapters all over the world! Each have purchased and distributed Laser Classroom kits to hundreds student members in more than 50 countries to support out reach events. Graduate and undergraduate students take the kits into classroom, science fairs, museums and other outreach events to share their knowledge and passion for light, lasers and optics with students, parents, and teachers.

Professional Scientist Outreach – IEEE Photonics

For their “Introduce a Girl to Photonics” week, IEEE Photonics coordinated “events and activities worldwide to show young women how photonics impacts the world around them and in turn encouraged girls to become interested in future STEM careers. Designed like a career day or ‘bring your child to work day’, the society supported activities that allowed students Kindergarten to 12th grade to shadow an adult, parent or mentor that works in the light and optics field. Each volunteer participant was given a supply of Laser Classroom Light Blox kits.” From: IEEE Photonics Newsletter 

IEEE Introduce a Girl to Photonics

Elementary teacher professional development – SPIE

SPIE has joined forces with Laser Classroom at national and regional science teacher conferences where we’ve shared a booth, offered professional development workshops and distributed kits for elementary science teachers. Working directly with, and putting kits in the hands of teachers has proven extremely effective for supporting classroom learning.

SPIE Student Chapter Light Blox

Centennial Celebration and STEM CAMP – OSA

OSA worked with me at Laser Classroom to create, brand the Explore Optics Kit specifically for their 100th anniversary centennial celebration! The kit contains equipment and activities for 16 lessons for grades K-12! The kit was distributed to student chapters all over the world, and 250 kits were donated to a girls STEM Camp among other outreach efforts.


These are just a few of the many events and efforts we’ve worked on with partners. If you care about inspiring the next generation of science students and/or the field of light, lasers, optics and photonics and would like to explore a collaboration with Laser Classroom, please contact us today!