Meet Ruby

Meet Ruby!

Send and receive analog AND digital signals on a beam of light!

Are you struggling to find resources and tools for teaching about “waves and their applications in technologies for information transfer?  Ruby is here to help you move beyond Morse Code to experience and explore the most cutting edge technology for data transfer: LASER LIGHT.

Ruby is fully assembled, requires no soldering and is compatible with both Arduino and STAMP micro controllers.

Ruby will allow you and your students to

  • Generate, send and receive digital and/or analog signals
  • Understand the differences, advantages and disadvantages of digital vs. analog signals
  • Explore fiber optics
  • Observe wave functions with an oscilloscope
  • Understand the internet and other digital communication technologies
  • Send the code you write across the room on a laser beam
  • Send music from your phone across the room on a laser beam

Ruby is fully assembled, no soldering required. Just plug and play… write your own code, or use ours.

Currently in Beta Testing, Ruby will be available in the Fall of 2015 only at Laser Classroom. Stay tuned for more information soon!

Meanwhile tell us what you think about Ruby!