Light Blox™

Light Source for teaching and learning about Light and Optics

Light Blox – Classroom LED Light Source for Teaching and Learning

Portable, compact, and safe high-intensity LED light sources (red, blue and green) provide an excellent introduction to color, color mixing, reflection, and refraction. Combine with mirrors and lenses (not included) for everything needed to begin your light science lessons.

Use the detachable slit caps to create single or multiple parallel, convergent, and divergent beams. Three low-cost, easy-to-use durable units with attached magnets for secure placement on magnetic whiteboards. Includes AA batteries and operating instructions.




See how light travels, reflects and refracts

Powerful hands-on science tools!  With a snap on cap, Light Blox produces a bright beam of light that allows you to see how light travels in a straight line, bounces or reflects and bends or refracts.

Additive Color Mixing Tool

Snap off the cap and you have a red, a green and a blue LED flashlight for mixing secondary colors (cyan, magenta and yellow) as well as creating white light.

Lessons and Activities with Light Blox support NGSS Connections

  • PS4.B Electromagnetic Radiation
    • Objects can be seen if light is available to illuminate them or if they give off their own light. (1-PS4-2)
    • Some materials allow light ot pass through them, others allow only some light through and others block all the light and create a dark shadow on any surface beyond them, where the light can not reach. Mirrors can be used to redirect light beam (boundary: the idea that light travels from place to place is developed through experiences with light sources, mirrors and shadows, but no attempt is made to discuss the speed of light) (1-PS4-3)
    • An object can be seen when light reflected from it’s surface enters the eyes (4-PS4-2)
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