Light Blox Kids Flashlight

The Light Blox Kids Flashlight is not like all the rest!

Watch the video to see how this flashlight for kids ages 5-105 is for learning, exploring and having fun!


The Kids Flashlight for additive color mixing

Kids know that when you mix green and red paint you get a brown mess – surprise your them when you take the lens caps off of Light Blox and show them that when you’re talking about light, mixing green and red gets you YELLOW!

With the sturdy, stable design, unlike any other flashlight, Light Blox, in Green, Red and Blue lets kids create shadow shows or mix yellow, magenta, cyan and even make white light. No need for expensive color mixing set ups. No need to fuss with putting colored gels over flashlights. This set has it all right out of the box.

The Kids Flashlight for reflection and refraction

Snap on the caps and the Light Blox flashlight is perfect for exploring how light bends and bounces with lenses and mirrors. Light Blox makes the sometimes abstract concepts of reflection and refraction concrete easy to understand.  You can engage students in dozens of science lessons for hours of fun and learning.  Check out the FREE Lessons page to find science lessons your kids will love!

This Kids Flashlight is Safe!

Laser Classroom always considers classroom safety first! While the beams of light produced by the slit caps look like a laser beam, Light Blox are actually super bright, kid safe LED’s in Green, Red and Blue. No need to worry about kids getting into trouble with Light Blox.

Are you curious about what makes a laser a laser? Check out our free downloadable lessons on the Properties of Laser Light