IYL 2015 Featured Kit

LASER Classroom is proud to announce that our LIGHT BLOX kit has been selected as the featured kit for the International Year of Light, 2015! The IYL 2015 featured kit was designed to make it easy to engage students ages 6-12 in the fascinating study of light. As part of the IYL 2015 worldwide effort to promote the understanding and appreciation of light and light based technologies, Laser Classroom created both a kit of high quality materials for hands on activities and classroom demonstrations about light, and a robust set of lessons, activities and demonstrations.

Light is a fascinating subject for kids; they are familiar with it, but it holds plenty of mystery and excitement, so its great for keeping them engaged. Light is not especially intuitive, however, and gets complex pretty quick – think quantum mechanics. This creates

IYL 2015 Featured Outreach Kit

IYL 2015 Featured Outreach Kit

challenges for teachers and would be photonics outreach professionals alike. The IYL  2015 Featured Kit and curriculum guide provide straight forward materials so you can be confident about creating a foundation for the youngest students to build their understanding on. All lessons, activities and demonstrations are concrete and focused on a specific learning goal.


Light Blox, the IYL 2015 featured kit, contains a set of three durable and flexible LED lights. Each of the red, green and blue LEDs can project either a line of light, or a “patch” of light making the tool easy to use for teaching and learning both color and geometric optics. The kit also contains a set of three acrylic lenses, a diffraction grating, 2 mirrors with stands and a protractor.

The  curriculum guide that accompanies the IYL 2015 featured kit was designed to be used either as a complete unit for classroom teachers to implement – or as a selection of engaging activities, lessons and demonstrations for photonics outreach. The curriculum guide is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.