Applying the 5 E’s to the Classroom Cave

The 5 E’s is a pedagogical approach to teaching and learning Science that we really like here at LASER Classroom. In this post, we’ll leave the abstract theory and pull apart the activity that we introduced in our last post, called the Classroom Cave (which you can download for FREE) . The Classroom Cave Activity was designed to interrupt a persistent misconception that young kids (and some not so young kids!) have about light and to introduce the big idea that you can only see an object when it is illuminated and what you are seeing is light that comes from a source and is reflected off of the thing you are seeing into your eyes.

This post will be more valuable for you if you are familiar with the Classroom Cave Activity and the misperception that it addresses (the idea that we see as a result of extending something out of our eyes).


The following two videos were taken directly out of the online professional development course for elementary science teachers that I recently taught at The course will be offered again in January 2016 if you are interested.

The first video is an introduction to and overview of the 5 E’s.


The second video is a detailed unpacking of the Classroom Cave Activity